What is a Virtual Receptionist?

What is a Virtual Receptionist?


Are virtual receptionists machines?

Siri - Apple's Virtual Assistant

When many people here the term 'virtual receptionist' they immediately think of Siri, an intelligent machine impersonating a real live

person.  While machines are helpful, they can not yet replace the authentic human touch you get with a real, live person.  Not yet anyway.  Virtual receptionists are very much like a traditional receptionist with a few big advantages.  Efficiency, cost, reliability and business continuity to name a few.

Virtual receptionists work remotely.

First, virtual receptionists do not come to your office to work.  With modern technology, virtual receptionists can remotely perform many of the tasks of a traditional receptionist.  Tasks such as answering your phones, taking messages, following-up with your customers and scheduling appointments.

Working remotely is an advantage because it saves you money.  Besides the salary requirements of a traditional receptionist, there are other costs to consider.  Things such as additional office space, phone lines, computer equipment, office supplies, etc.  Think of it as going green both with the environment and with your ledger.

Virtual receptionists save money.

Hiring a virtual receptionist will save you up to about 80% of the cost of traditional receptionists.  A traditional receptionist is paid by the hour, whether they have any work to do or not.  Our virtual receptionists are so much cheaper because you only pay for the time you use, saving your business from paying for potentially hours of idle time.  In addition you also have reduced hassle with a virtual receptionist, no need to worry about time management or additional payroll and tax concerns.

Virtual receptionists can increase your business

A survey by American Express shows that 67% of customers hang up the phone out of frustration when they don't talk to a real person.  If you are depending on your voicemail to answer your phone for you when you can't, it could be costing you big!  With a virtual receptionist from Impact Answering Service, you can retain 100% of your new and existing customers by having a live virtual receptionist answer your phone, day or night.

Try our virtual receptionists for free

Get around the clock coverage with a virtual receptionist, try it today absolutely free with our 30 day free trial.  No credit card required and no contracts or commitments.  You will only be invoiced if you choose to continue with your virtual receptionist service beyond your 30 day free trial period.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, call us today or signup online.