New York Answering Service

New York Answering Service

State of New York

New York has more Fortune 500 companies than anywhere else in the nation.  It is also the third most populated states behind Texas and California.  With all these residents and the millions more tourists each year, small businesses thrive.  Small businesses that need answering services!  It doesn’t matter if your small business is medical, legal, plumbers, air conditioning or if you are building computer chips in Tech Valley!  We have live secretaries ready to answer your telephone with the leading New York answering service – tailored to your individual needs.

Our New York answering center is staffed with the highest caliber live telephone operators backed by leading edge answering and messaging systems.  This combination allows us to provide the best answer service in New York with service such as:

  • Always available answering service
  • Appointment scheduling, confirmations and cancellations
  • Virtual Secretary & Virtual Office Services
  • 24 hour live chat on your company website
  • Tailor fit services to your specifications

Our experienced, professional team of agents will handle your telephone calls with the same courtesy and professionalism as you would yourself.

Business opportunities in New York are abundant, don’t let the cost overhead of additional staff way you down.  Get the best New York answering service available today!  And best of all, you can try our service for 30 days, absolutely FREE!  No credit card required, no commitment, just call us or fill out our free trial answering service form to begin.  You will soon see why we are the leading answering service of New York state.

Here’s a partial list of industries we serve:

  • Legal professions such as lawyers and private investigators
  • Bankers, investors and real estate firms
  • Medical professionals such as doctors and dentists
  • Computer tech support providers
  • Engineers and software developers
  • Air conditioning repair and handyman services
  • Lawn and garden specialists
  • Plumbers and carpenters
  • Restuarants and offices

From Buffalo to Long Island, there is no better answering service in New York than Impact Answering Service!  Give us a try today and find out why we are the leading bilingual answering service in New York!

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